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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - A Pop Quiz for you.

1. Which famous person did not attend Sidney Lanier?
A - Juliette Hampton Morgan
B - Bart Starr
C - Zelda Sayre
D - Tallulah Bankhead
E - Toni Tennille
F - Hank Williams

2. What is not a fact about Sidney Lanier?
A - faculty member of John Hopkins
B - Middle name Clanton
C - Played the flute
D - Desk clerk at the Exchange Hotel
E - Organist at the First Presby. Church
F - Lawyer

3. Who lives the fartherest from Montgomery?
A - Wayne Ingram
B - Cobb Laslie
C - Johnny Gilbert
D - Neil Grigg
E - Douglas Murphy
F - Connie Sarvey Anderson

4. Which of these was not a famous southern writer?
A - Kathryn Windham
B - Beverly Barton
C - Truman Capote
D - Nathaniel Hawthorne
E - Harper Lee
F - Mark Childress

5. Which of these statements is incorrect about Ala.?
A - Morgan County is older than the state
B - Skeleton of prehistoric man found in Russellvile cave
C - Andrew Dexter died in jail in debt
D - Hitler's typewriter is in Bessemer Hall of History
E - Confederate flag first flown in 1861
F - 1817-1819 Old Saint Stephens was 1st Territorial capitol

6. Which is an incorrect Alabama fact?
A - Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery.
B - Official gemstone is the ammolite
C - Ala. named after the Alibamu Indians
D - Montgomery 1st city in the world to install electric street cars
E - Mobile named after the Mauvilla Indians

7. Who wrote the 1957 class poem?  Don't peek!
A - Sue Bedgood
B - Julie Johnson
C - Harriet Scheuer
D - Susan Scott
E - Alice Halstead
F - Sally Anderson

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