SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957
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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - Latest News

A Tribute to Coach Kyle Renfroe By Tommy Ragsdale

From the very first day Coach rode to work at Capitol Heights on his red motor scooter in the early 50s, he touched the lives of the youth in Montgomery.  Many of us are so indebted to him for what he taught us off the field and off the court.  What he gave us was his classic way of teaching us to treat everyone with dignity and respect but at the same time give every ounce of determination and effort to beat those same people on the field of competition.  Coach always said, 'Play fair and square and offer no excuses if you lose.'  I still remember so many of the memorable quotes he used to preach to us, even though it has been over fifty years since I played for him.  I will always remember the respectful way he called all of us 'Hoss.'

I don't ever remember him saying that he disliked any boy or girl.  He never gave up on anyone even when an individual slipped and fell.  I never saw him favor one person over another.  He pulled for everyone to succeed.  That is why so many loved him and gave 110% effort every time they played a game under his coaching.

As a teacher, a coach, Chairman of the Montgomery Board of Education, a successful  businessman, an outstanding family man, and a loving husband to Dolores Renfroe, he exemplified what God has called us to do while we are here on this earth.  God bless you, Coach; keep pulling for us.  We will be on your team again someday.

Tommy Ragsdale

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