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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - Guestbook

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Rob Miller - 02-28-2011
Your site is very useful.
Sonya Neal Murphree - 09-22-2010
Jean, Ronnie, Tommy and others who are involved:  
You do such a wonderful job with this Lanier Website!  I would like to personally thank you for all of the time and devotion that you have given to this project.  I enjoyed working with each of you and our other hosts on the 'Cruisin' Through the Fifteis' event at Oak Park.  I had such a good time doing this and it was so good to see all of the  old friends and classmates!  Hopefully, we can do this again next year.

Sonya Neal Murphree, Class of 1956
Roy Nolen - 10-12-2009
I stumbled on this wonderful site by accident (don't ask) and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of so many people I remember so well. Thanks for posting some of the photos from my class reunion as well.

Roy Nolen, Lanier '56
Houston, Texas
Marie Fidler-Fundora - 09-05-2009
Have thoroughly enjoyed looking at this site and all the wonderful pictures--I recognized many of the people.  My mother was Addie Laurie Fidler and she was a dancing teacher with our studio on Dexter Ave., in the old Grand Theater Bldg.  We later moved to Cloverland and then on to Normandale.  I have so many pictures of our dance recitals and Jean Hollon and Carolyn Taylor and I believe Margie Knox use to be student teachers for mom.  We moved our dance recitals from the Montgomery City Hall to the Lanier auditorium and have some wonderful memories there too.  I really enjoyed looking back.  Thanks.  
Leonard E. Avera Jr - 05-09-2009
I finally retired from Norfolk Southern Railway with 48 years of service and since then have stayed around Macon other than moving to Savannah,GA for a couple of years.   I have been married this year 51 years.   I have 2 Children, a Son Mike and a Daughter Lisa, with 3 grandchildren.   No great grandchildren as of yet.   Wanting to say hi to all of my friends that have survived this want to hear from as many of you as I can.   Bud Avera
Robert Wesley Marcus - 05-31-2008
  I certainly appreciate all the planning, work and hospitality, of all the class members, who took the time to coordinate, provide venues and direct the 50th reunion.I noticed in the Montgomery newspapers, as other reunions reach out for class members, that in ten more years we only have to meet for two hours for lunch, nap optional. The web site is premo and the Oracle a splendid surprise. I am proud to be associated with such a fine group.( as a caveat', I don't think we have anyone in prison) Be safe. In hindsight, I wish I had studied a little more.
Emily Hinson Bowdoin - 01-13-2008
Hi Poets, Yes, we all had such a great time at our reunion, and yes, Susan and George's hospitality added to the setting and fun, but it was the Poets ,with all their hugging, laughing and chatting,  who made it such fun. You wouldn't believe the people I see at the store who tell me they wish they had a class like ours. Where is Fred Baggett?...Betty Pepperman?
The class of '58 is 'copying' everything we did. (We did copy some from '56.)
We have 8-9 Oracles left. Send $45 to me and I will mail you one.  After the
8-9 go it will be a bit more expensive to get one.
Emily Bowdoin
3268 Gatsby Lane
Montgomery, Alabama 36106     (don't use P.O. Box)
Ronnie Rose and Jean Parker Colquitt deserve a big hand for this website.
Warren Gray - 01-07-2008
I thought the reunion was excellent, but noticed that for this significant occasion, no class photo was taken.  Received the Oracle 1957, put together by the reunion committee and thought it was outstanding.  Unfortunately, not all classmates were able to attend the reunion which meant that they were unable to get a copy of the book; I did recommend to several that they obtain a copy of the Oracle 1957, which they tried to do, alas, to no avail.  I feel strongly that the edition was so outstanding that it should be made available somehow to any class member that wants a copy, and I am certain that some classmates that missed it would gladly pay to obtain a copy. Is the publication locked in concrete such that no further information can be included in it?  I would recommend encouraging those members that did not respond to the request for input to provide it and then copies of the input be shipped to all members who have a copy of Oracle 1957, to be added to their personal copy.
Jack Kushner - 10-30-2007
We certainly do have a lot of talent in our class. Witness the web site, the Oracle 57 which just arrived in the mail, and the reunion. What a group!
Rose Mohr Rubin - 10-22-2007
Many kudos and very special thanks to our hardworking and spirited Reunion Committee.  Everything about the 50th was great.  And many additional thanks to George and Susan Bagwell for their hospitality hosting the terrific Friday night event.  It was marvelous to see and visit with so many of our classmates.  I am already looking forward to the next Reunion.  -Rose
Jean Parker Colquitt - 10-22-2007
 Many thanks to Emily Hinson Bowdoin and her committee for all the outstanding work they put in getting our book together with all the pictures and great information. I really do believe the class of 1957 is a special class and that we mean a lot to one another. I enjoyed so much reading about each of you and what is going on in your lives.
Sonya Neal Murphree - 09-19-2007
thought the 50th Class Reunion was well-planned and fantastic!  I would like to thank all of those again who worked so hard to put it together and who made it such a success.  Alkl of you really deserve kudos!  Also, thank the person or persons responsible for designing this website.  This is such a wonderful way for those of us who desire to do so to stay in touch.
Anne Henry Tidmore - 07-06-2007
 The 50th reunion was the best yet! Many thanks to all who worked to make it such a success. It was such fun seeing 'old' friends and making new ones. I look forward to the next one and hope everyone will come back.
tom c. maynor - 05-03-2007
kudos to the committee and the bagwells the 50th was ablast! to use david's
word enchanting. ann and i had to leave the dinner about 9p.m. heading
to washington d. c.  it was great seeing all of you. it surely does not seem
like 50 years until  i look at a family portrait with children intheir30s  and40s and teen aged grandchildren
Rachel Folsom Lichenstein - 04-30-2007
I am so sorry I was unable to attend the reunion. However, I have heard just how great it was. Jean (Colquitt) sent me many pictures which I enjoyed. I also found my yearbooks while cleaning out attic this weekend. How much fun to brouse through books and look at pictures. If this move does not kill me I hope I make it to the next one. Rachel

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