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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - Message Board

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Army Navy Game 2013
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Al Sommers
10-19-2013 06:41pm
OK Neil,
Another game is coming December 14, 2013. I'll give you another chance to recoup from the last 10 years of getting whipped by Navy.  I finally badgered Tommy Wilson into betting on this year's Air Force-Navy game. He lost and I had to open a 'Pay  Pal' account to manage all the winnings :-).

I saw your latest photos on this site and I must say that you are looking good for an old Woo Poo guy. It must be all the fresh air in Colorado or is it the 'Rocky Mountain High.'

It really doesn't matter how good the Army and Navy teams are (neither is U of Alabama quality- Roll Tide). Army-Navy is ALWAYS the best football game I follow.

Good luck this year, Neil.

Go Navy, Beat Army

Re: Army Navy Game 2013
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Alfred Sommers
12-18-2013 12:24pm
OK Neil, Another year another win for NAVY.  11 years is a very long dry spell BUT 12 years is even dryer.

I have updated the 'Monkey Joke' to fit next year -

A man walks into a bar wearing a BEAT NAVY shirt and has a monkey on his shoulder. The monkey is wearing a little Army football helmet and a little Army football jersey.  The man asked the bartender to turn on the ARMY-NAVY football game.  Which he does. Army gets a touchdown and the monkey goes CRAZY... he does 62 back flips and runs up and down the bar giving 'High 5s' and squeeking 'Beat Navy, Go Army.'

The bartender asks the Woo Poo, 'If your monkey goes that wild when Army gets some points, what does he do when Army beats Navy?'  The Army guy says,'I don't know, I've only had him 12 (twelve) years.

Looking forward to 2014, Neil.

Beat Army.

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