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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - Message Board

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Army Navy Game 2012
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Alfred Sommers
11-21-2012 03:42pm
Well, Neil it's that time again for the BIG game, December 8.  Army will have another try at beating Navy.  I'll bet it won't happen but with this game you never know.

Old Tommy Wilson never challenged me on the Navy-Air Force game so he save himself some of the BIG BUCKS.  Navy's win over AF makes the winner of the A-N game the winner of this year's Commander in Chief Trophy.  Just like the good old days.  This will be a good game.  

I have $5.00 that sez Navy will beat Army again this year. What say you?

How are your students doing now that pot is legal in Colorado?  Makes for a real 'Rocky Mountain' high, man.

Let me know on the bet.

Go Navy Beat Army.  

Al Sommers, USNA Class of 1962

Re: Army Navy Game 2012
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Neil Grigg
11-22-2012 08:10am
OK Al, you are on for a $5 bet for the big game.  Sorry I can't compete with Mitt Romney and bet $10,000.  Army is formidable this year and beat AFA so we are ready for the Commander in Chief trophy.  Colorado went for a number of liberal things in this election, and legalizing pot is just one of them.  It is really a gravity thing, we keep getting pulled toward California.  

I can't make the 55th but will be thinking of everyone.


Re: Army Navy Game 2012
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Al Sommers
01-09-2013 12:01pm
Well Neil,
Better luck in 2013.  If Navy keeps winning I'll have to get a 'Pay Pal' account to keep track of all this high finance.  

Hola Tommy,
Maybe you want some of this action for the 2013 Air Force-Navy game?

Go NAVY, Beat ARMY and Air Force too.

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