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SIDNEY LANIER Class of 1957 - Message Board

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Army-Navy Game 2011
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Alfred Sommers
09-25-2011 04:59pm
Hola Neil,
Dec 10, 2011 is coming.  I have $5.00 that says Navy will win AGAIN this year.

What say you?  I haven't found our schoolmate Jim Cargile, USMA 1961.  Seems he has fallen off the grid.  Tommy Wilson, USAFA 1961 never cheered for his Air Force Academy team even when they were winning so that leave you and me to keep this going.  

Mick Favor, USNA 1963 living in Californian stills follows Navy but doesn't believe in wagering.  Something about drinkng, gambling, wild women, and jazz music being evil :-)  Joking... Mick never learned to appreciate technology.

Don't you wimp out on me!  The honor of West Point anmd Annaplois are depending on you and me.


Al Sommers USNA 1962

Re: Army-Navy Game 2011
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Neil Grigg
10-22-2011 09:52am
Al, you are on!  This is the year of the big Army comeback.  I went to my 50th reunion last May and was proud of the boys and girls.   Today's Army is lean and mean and ready for action.  

Thanks for keeping up the A-N thing, and I expect to hear from Cargile and Favor too.

Go Poets!

Beat Navy!


Re: Army-Navy Game 2011
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Al Sommers
10-25-2011 12:46am
I can believe it but I did get an answer from the Famous Tommy Wilson USAFA 1961 after challenging him on the Air Force-Navy game.  Too bad he did not respond in time to seal the deal.  Maybe next year.  He could have won some easy $$ on that game.

I have my 50th USNA reunion next year.  50 years!  Are we gettiing older or are those Cadets and Midshipmen just getting younger?

With Navy losing 4 in a row this might be a fair Army-Navy game this year :-).  



Re: Army-Navy Game 2011
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Al Sommers
01-30-2012 05:25pm
I received your note and payment.  At this rate I'll be buying that island in the stream.  I look forward to the 2012 game.


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